Locks by Carrollton locksmiths

As the security of garage door is so important in terms of home security, it is vital to know about features of an ideal door lock for garages. Implementing the right measures can help you safeguard your garage door and offer you peace of mind. Check the below aspects;

  • Door anchors – Well attaching the garage doors to solid metal bolts fixed on the floor of your garage can offer additional protection. With this, it will not be easy for someone trying a breakage to get easy access.
  • Door bolts – Garage door bolts function in the same way to that of the deadbolts we fix on the front door. When compared to that of front doors, garage door bolts are a bit longer. The bold will get extended to the door tract on turning a lever. Once fixed in position, the door cannot be easily opened as the tract gets blocked with the bolt.
  • Padlock – Padlocks can be used to get the door locked with a solid metal hasp by blocking the garage door from opening without removing the lock. Purchase the strongest available padlock and high-gauge metal hasp to ensure ultimate protection.

There are other safety measures too to be taken to ensure that your garage door is well protected.

  • Maintenance of the garage door at regular intervals is necessary to protect it from wearing or decaying.
  • With remote control locks, always be alert about the security codes. There are such fraudulent devices which can intercept the set code and then repeat the code to open garage doors. In order to ensure additional protection, try to choose door openers which offer rolling security codes. Such systems automatically change the security code each time when the door is opened.